Greenvisa Has Revealed Guidelines To Go Through The Procedure Of Getting Visa On Arrival Vietnam At The Airport

With the Vietnam government’s aims to ease the visa-getting process and increase the number of visitors coming to the country, visa on arrival Vietnam was launched in 2000.

November 2, 2017 / / —

With this option, foreign citizens can obtain Vietnam tourist visa on arrival if their purpose of visit is tourism-related. Moreover, in case they come to the country for business, Vietnam business visa on arrival is available for them to get.

Foreigners need to apply visa for Vietnam on arrival on the Internet to get a Vietnam letter of approval first; then they can get the visa stamped at the arrival airport. Although the process of getting this type of visa is simplified to help people get their Vietnam visa with ease, some first-time travelers may find it confusing when landing at the Vietnam airports in the final step. Therefore, in an attempt to make it easy for travelers to get through the visa procedure at the arrival airports, Greenvisa – a global travel agency which specializes in traditional services at Vietnam international airports for all foreign citizens over the world, has shared some guidelines that can be helpful for them.

First, the agency advises visitors to prepare all required documents before coming to the Landing visa counter to get visa stamp. Together with an original passport, photos (4x6 cm) and completed entry/exit form (downloaded on the Internet), a Vietnam approval letter - issued and confirmed by Vietnam Immigration Department, is one of the most important things people must possess to enter Vietnam. Without this document, visitors cannot aboard the airplane as well as get visa stamped on their passport when they arrive in Vietnam. Greenvisa also reminds that the Vietnam Custom Clearance officers arrange Vietnam visa stamp for visitors coming to Vietnam by airway only. Those who enter Vietnam by other means of transport must travel to the closest Vietnam Embassy in their country to get a visa.

Once landing at one of the four international airports in Vietnam (in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang and Cam Ranh), applicants of Vietnam visa on arrival need to find and join the queue at the Landing visa counter to present all of the previously mentioned documents. Normally, in order to get Vietnam visa stamped at the arrival airports, applicants have to wait for 15-30 minutes or longer depending on the number of arrivals. For those people who are in a rush and would like to shorten this processing time, they can use the Vietnam visa fast track service of Green Travel Universal.

When the visas of applicants are ready, the officer will call their name and hold their passport up to the window. They are required to pay for the Vietnam visa on arrival stamp fee in cash - US$25 for a single entry visa (1 and 3 months), and $50 for multiple entry visas (1 and 3 months). As the authorities do not accept credit or debit cards, bank card owners will be escorted to an ATM landside to withdraw some cash.

When the Vietnam visa stamping fee is paid, their passport with a visa stamp will be returned to them. Greenvisa suggests foreign travelers check their visa carefully for errors to avoid any unwanted problem. After that, they can go to the Immigration Control to be processed as the normal method.

If you have any question or want to get more information about requirements or the entire procedure of getting a visa on arrival in Vietnam, please visit Greenvisa website to understand everything clearly.

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