113 inmates escape from Indonesian prison during prayer time

Nov 30, 2018

Police say 113 inmates have escaped from a prison in western Indonesia after overpowering a guard during prayer time

Polish globe-trotter blunders into Indonesia-Papua conflict

Sep 25, 2018

To Indonesia's government, the 39-year-old factory worker and globe-trotting Polish traveler is a danger to the state, a man who plotted with gunmen to foment revolt in isolated jungles

Indonesian court rules militant guilty of terrorism

Sep 13, 2018

An Indonesian court has sentenced an Islamic militant to 11 years in prison after finding him guilty of conducting training in preparation for a terrorist attack

21 killed as bus plunges into ravine in Indonesia

Sep 8, 2018

Officials say 21 people were killed when a tourist bus plunged into a ravine on Indonesia's main Java island

Police say detained Polish man to face trial in Papua

Aug 31, 2018

Police say a Polish man detained in Indonesia's troubled Papua region on suspicion of links to separatists, will be tried on a charge of being involved in a treasonous plot

Indonesia detains Polish man in conflict-prone Papua region

Aug 29, 2018

Indonesian security forces have detained a Polish tourist in the troubled Papua region on suspicion of links to separatists

4 killed in Indonesia forest fires; police arrest suspects

Aug 28, 2018

Police in the Indonesian part of Borneo island have arrested more than a dozen people suspected of starting forest fires that have killed at least four people in the past month

Ex-US head coach Schubert now working with China's swimmers

Aug 22, 2018

Ex-US swim team head coach Mark Schubert is now working with China's swimmers

Indonesian officials defend parade of veiled kids with guns

Aug 21, 2018

Indonesian officials are defending a street parade that involved veiled kindergarteners carrying replica weapons, with police saying they'll arrest the person who uploaded a video of the event to Facebook

Indonesia woman irked by mosque noise convicted of blasphemy

Aug 21, 2018

An Indonesian court has sentenced a woman who complained about a noisy mosque to 18 months in prison for blasphemy

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