Some overseas Indonesians may vote again after fraud claim

Apr 16, 2019

Indonesia's Election Supervision Agency says about 320,000 overseas voters in neighboring Malaysia's biggest city should vote again in presidential and legislative elections after finding evidence that postal ballots had been tampered with

Indonesia asks 10 years prison for Pole charged with treason

Apr 11, 2019

Indonesian prosecutors are demanding 10-year prison sentences for a Polish globetrotter and a Papuan student who were charged with treason after meeting with independence supporters in the troubled Papua region

Indonesia says arrested Russian smuggled orangutan, lizards

Mar 25, 2019

Indonesian police say they also found geckos and chameleons in the luggage of a Russian tourist who has been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle a drugged orangutan out of Bali

Russian accused of trying to smuggling orangutan out of Bali

Mar 25, 2019

A drugged orangutan and live geckos and lizards were found inside luggage at an airport on Indonesia's resort island of Bali, and a Russian man is being investigated for possible links to wildlife trafficking

Indonesian woman detonates bomb, killing herself and child

Mar 13, 2019

Indonesia's national police spokesman says the wife and two-year-old child of an arrested Islamic militant died in an explosion during a siege of their home in North Sumatra

Indonesian police: Wife and child of arrested militant believed to have died in explosion during siege in North Sumatra

Mar 13, 2019

Indonesian police: Wife and child of arrested militant believed to have died in explosion during siege in North Sumatra

Amnesty activist arrested for song against Indonesian forces

Mar 7, 2019

Amnesty International's Indonesian arm says one of its board members has been arrested after a video of him singing a protest song against the military circulated online

Australian man sentenced to 5 years in Bali prison for drugs

Feb 27, 2019

A court in Bali has sentenced an Australian man and his Indonesian girlfriend to five years and four months in prison each for possessing cocaine

Indonesian executioner for IS killed in Syria

Feb 11, 2019

Indonesian police and the brother of an Indonesian militant who was shown killing a foreigner in an Islamic State group video say he was killed last month in a battle with U.S.-backed forces in Syria

Indonesia police admit using snake to terrorize Papuan man

Feb 11, 2019

Indonesian police have admitted officers terrorized a Papuan man with a live snake after a video of the incident showing the man screaming in fear and his interrogator laughing circulated online

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