Indonesia court allows dam in orangutan habitat to proceed

Mar 5, 2019

Environmentalists have lost a court challenge to a Chinese-backed dam in Indonesia that will rip through the habitat of the most critically endangered orangutan species

Indonesia uncertain how many buried by mine collapse

Mar 4, 2019

Indonesia's disaster agency says authorities don't know for certain how many people were buried in the collapse of a remote gold mine nearly a week ago but the number could be as high as 100

Indonesia and Australia sign pact eliminating many tariffs

Mar 4, 2019

Indonesia and Australia signed a free trade agreement that will eliminate many tariffs, allow Australian-owned hospitals to be set up in the giant Southeast Asian country and increase work visas for young Indonesians

Rescuers hope for miracle as Indonesia mine goes silent

Mar 2, 2019

An official overseeing a grueling rescue at a collapsed Indonesian gold mine says the voices of dozens of trapped miners are no longer being heard as the effort to reach them continued for a fourth day

Rescuers use excavator at collapsed Indonesia gold mine

Mar 1, 2019

Rescuers have brought an excavator to the site of a collapsed Indonesian gold mine in an attempt to rescue trapped people faster even though the heavy equipment may increase the risk of landslides

Rescuers pass water, food to Indonesia mine buried

Feb 28, 2019

Rescue workers have passed water and food to some of the dozens of people trapped in the debris of a collapsed Indonesian gold mine

Workers dig by hand to free dozens in Indonesia mine rubble

Feb 27, 2019

Rescuers are desperately digging with their bare hands and farm tools to try to free people calling for help from beneath the rubble of a collapsed Indonesian mine

Indonesian authorities say dozens of people are believed buried by a landslide in an unlicensed North Sulawesi gold mine

Feb 27, 2019

Indonesian authorities say dozens of people are believed buried by a landslide in an unlicensed North Sulawesi gold mine

Unicorns are real: Tech baffles Indonesian candidate

Feb 18, 2019

Indonesia's presidential candidates debated pressing issues facing the world's third-largest democracy: dilapidated infrastructure, struggling farmers, forest fires _ and unicorns

Indonesia land-burning fines unpaid years after fires

Feb 15, 2019

Indonesian plantation companies fined for burning huge areas of land since 2009 have failed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties meant to hold them accountable for actions that took a devastating environmental and human toll

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